Federal TTB Permits

Licensing and Permits can be the most time consuming and costly process.

We works with wineries, breweries, distilled spirits plants, importers and exporters, wholesalers and distributors to help them reduce the cost associated with permits and licensing.

We can help you with these types of federal basic (TTB) permits and businesses:


- Federal Brewery permit (brewer’s notice of brewpub)

-  Federal Importer Permit (beer, wine and spirits)

-  Export setup (for exporting alcohol outside of the US)

- Federal wholesaler permit (beer, wine and spirits)

- Federal Winery permit (bonded wine premises)

-  Federal distilled spirits plant permit (DSP)


  We can assist you with the following services:


- Complete and prepare (TTB permits) and communicate with TTB in regard to permit matters.

-  Assist and file amendments with respect to changes impacting the permit (once the permit is issued)

-  Consult on changes (amendments) such as ownership, location or control.

-  Provide insight on the proper licensing scheme for an alternating proprietorship or custom crush relationship.

-  Apply for certificate of label approvals (COLA) and formula approvals (once your permit is issued)

-  File for a “Doing Business As” (DBA)

-  Provide guidance on necessary state licensing across multiple states depending on your business structure and assist with excise tax reporting.

-  Advice and assist with filing a notice of discontinuance.


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