COLA Waiver Request

International Suppliers who wants to get their product into the US market often needs to send sample of their product to different importers to determine or not determine if the importer will carry the product. Before any Alcohol beverage can be imported into the U.S they will require a COLA. (Certificate of Label Approval)

For shipments of samples to the U.S a COLA Waiver may be an option when sending a few types of wine, beer or spirits to an importer.  A COLA Waiver may also be required when sending samples to the U.S for events like Trade shows or Marketing events.

We may apply to the TTB for a COLA Waiver Request.  If the product is eligible, TTB will grant the waiver. From our years of experience, we know how to avoid potential issues with filing a waiver request that may otherwise delay the process of even deny approval of the waiver request.


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